Al Qalam Al Muoben for services and legal and economic consultancy joint stock company incorporated in accordance with economic laws and legislation of the Libyan law, bound trading record under No. (65278) and the Chamber of Commerce under registration No. (1694) Division (No. 19), in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 10 of 1990 in Great Jamahiriya (Libya).

  The company has been able to build a good reputation both domestically and internationally in the field of providing consultancy services and legal, economic, and so became one of the largest companies with competence in Libya, and the good reputation of professional excellence and is the result of a continuing commitment to excellence in providing legal advice leading to the best solutions.

Group work at the company secretarial team of specialist accountant and public relations officer and a library as complete and rich in legal references are to facilitate the provision of legal advice as soon as possible and with minimal effort and high degree of professional