We present our consultations to the customers individuals- corporations and companies either it is permanent or sporadic through the annual contracts concluded with our customers to secure the protection of their rights.

formulating the contracts, agreements preparing regulations and studies:-
All types of contracts in English and Arabic languages are to be formulated in addition to preparing internal regulations as per the current rules in Libya, according to the desires of companies’ contract subject on the local level and according to the rules of the international law on different topics.

registering agencies, names and trade marks:
Starting from formulating the power of attorney between the principal either it is a national citizen or foreigner and the agent until registering the agency, authorizing at the governmental bodies, issuing registration certificate of a commercial agency, taking all the legal procedures to protect our clients rights through registering their names and trade marks officially either inside Libya or abroad to be their rights and pursuing and prosecuting the wrongdoers.

constituting, registering combining liquidating companies:
Preparing articles of associations , completing all the procedures needed for its constitution , taking the required procedures for combining the companies either with its affiliates or with the company possesses to other parties as well as liquating the companies and settling rights.

issuing the licenses related to the companies:
The investment process in the commercial and services activities pass in several stages and steps, it requires a group of procedures that the investor has to identify its dimensions and requirements from the time , effort and money , then all the required procedures are to be taken for obtaining the commercial licenses , services and others.